Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Testament I: The Gospels

    Dr. Mournet began our first class of New Testament 1 by saying that we would never look at the gospels the same way again. Though that seemed a little scary to some of us, he reassured us that it was a good thing. Over the past six weeks, I have learned more about the gospels than I have ever known before. This is saying a lot, because I took a gospels course in my undergrad, and it was also very informative.
     Dr. Mournet was right, I do not look at the gospels in the same way. I have a much deeper appreciation for the incredible task that the evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John undertook in writing down an account of the life of Jesus. These four books have changed my life forever. One of our assignments has been to sit down and read each gospel all at once and take notes. I don't think I have actually sat down and read a whole gospel in one sitting. You start to see the big picture of what the author and God are trying to reveal to the reader. I would recommend setting apart an afternoon this week to read through a gospel as if it was the first time. Meet God in the text of the Gospels.

-David M

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