Women in Dialogue

omen i ‘Women in Dialogue’ is a presentation series developed to address the unique needs and interests of women. At ATS we realize that women lead busy lives, and that what they fit into their schedules must provide value. At each stage of life, women have a rich perspective and wealth of experience to share with one another. Thus, ‘Women in Dialogue’ provides quality presentations and opportunities to meet and dialogue with women of all ages. The topics vary event to event, and always provide input that challenges and promotes growth for the participants. In respect for the busyness of a woman’s life, most events last just 90 minutes, including time for dessert and coffee!

Ashland Theological Seminary has a longstanding commitment to the valuable leadership of women in every aspect of life, and ‘Women in Dialogue’ is one way we support that. If you think Women in Dialogue is something that would enrich your life, please plan to join us and feel free to pass along an invitation to a friend. Reservations, and occasionally tickets are required for planning purposes, so please let us know you’ll be joining us (419-289-5462 or atsevents@ashland.edu). I look forward to meeting you and sharing these events with you!

Blessings~ Dawn West, Director Women in Dialogue

Coming Nov. 10, 2011 - Ruth Graham. 
For details, click here: Ruth Graham at ATS