Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's get this school year going!

With another great year of seminary about to start, I have been going over the syllabi for my classes and have started working on my senior portfolio, and I think I am about ready to go to class. There are a couple of very important things I need to accomplish this weekend before class starts. Among these are completing putting a new gloss finish on my dining room table (a project I started two summers ago), mowing the grass (once classes start the lawn turns back into something out of Jurassic Park), and finally take a nice long nap (because it will be the last nap I take until thanksgiving). I have already stocked up on coffee, Red Bull, and frozen pizza, so let's get this school year going!

David , class of 2012

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  1. Enjoy this time. Years from now you will wish you could do it again!