Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Remembering Dr. Keefer

Notes from Home is intended to send you verbal snapshots of life from the various centers of Ashland Seminary.  In some ways this post is a departure from that intent, but in another way it's right on track.  Dr. Luke Keefer was a treasured part of the Seminary community and touched many lives, so please - read on:

As you may know, the seminary community lost an exceptional teacher, spiritual mentor, and devoted friend last December when Dr. Luke Keefer died.  Dr. Dale Stoffer, Academic Dean, has been asked to write an article about Dr. Keefer in his role as a teacher.  The best way to capture Dr. Keefer's gift of teaching is to have his former students share their stories of how he impacted their lives in the classroom.  If you were a student in one of Dr. Keefer's classes and have a special memory of him in this role, please post a memory or tribute to Dr. Keefer here on the blog where others can enjoy it (and it will be forwarded to Dr. Stoffer) or email your tribute to Dr. Stoffer directly (  Thank you for sharing your memories and for your assistance in presenting an accurate picture of  Dr. Keefer as a teacher.



  1. In the Winter quarter of 2005, Dr. Keefer drove from Ashland to Columbus, Ohio one evening every week to teach a class on prayer for 2 or 3 seminary students. I was one of those students. In that class, Dr. Keefer shared some personal experiences and insights that were a great encouragement to me during difficult times. The comments he gave me on my papers were also very thoughtful, caring and helpful. I've thought of that class quite often since that time as one of the most meaningful in my seminary studies. I know that what he offered in that class will always be with me and a part of me, a great blessing.